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   CERT Newsletters:

Spring 2019 CERT Report:

written by Emily Phung in April 2019

Spring 2018 CERT Report:

written by Grace Zhen in April 2018

Chief of Operation Report: issue 1

 written by Erin Kunz in April 2013

University Police Department Newsletters:

C-CERT(pg 4)

 written by Shannon Elizabeth Sunny on January 2014

C-CERT(pg 5)

 written by Shannon Elizabeth Sunny on May 2013

C-CERT(pg 4)

 written by Ashley Moreno on January 2013

Stony Brook HerCampus Newsletters:

 Command '15 - '16 Interview

 written by Jasmin Suknanan on Nov. 2015

Stony Brook Happenings:

 Stony Brook C-CERT — Students Responding to Emergencies

 written by Howard Gimple on Featured Articles-2014

Stony Brook University Scholars Newsletter:

Featured in the May 2017 publication of  Torch Newsletter

Written by Nikolas Donadic on May. 2017

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