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Executive Board

|Committee Heads| 

 Committee Heads oversee the four main committees of SB C-CERT to assist in the daily functioning of the  organization

Check out below to see which committee is right for you!

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Nicole Sukkarieh & Katharine Abbot – Recruitment and Public Relations

The recruitment committee is responsible for all aspects involving the recruitment process, including, but not limited to: sufficient public relations in  conjunction with the appropriate Public Relations sector of C-CERT, the conduction of the Information Sessions, the scheduling, booking, and execution  of the interview process, and lastly, but most importantly, the maintenance and integrity of SB C-CERT’s image.

 Jana Gjini – Fundraising

The fundraising committee’s goal is to raise funds for social and formal events throughout the academic year. In addition, the funds are used for other items that the organization’s budget doesn’t cover such as graduation sashes and gifts. The funds are raised through various fundraisers such as bake sales, Krispy Kreme sales, and apparel sales. The members of this committee work hard to achieve the goals they set at the beginning of each academic year. However, their accomplishments would not be the same without the help of other committees.

Schuyler Withington – Quality Assessment

 As the name suggests, the QA committee’s task is to evaluate and review the organization as a whole and its members. This is done through surveys  that would address the concerns or issues within C-CERT, as well as hearing out members’ thoughts. Aside from that, we also coordinate with other  committees and leadership, then provide any assistance necessary.

Ling Zhu – Membership Events

 The Membership and Events Committee is the social committee! This is the committee that plans the socials each month and the annual Formal in  Spring. These socials are meant to create a sense of community among the members. It can get stressful working activations and sitting through  trainings and what a better way to relax and create bonds than having a party every month. This committee makes sure that the members take care of  themselves so we can better serve the community!

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