Command Staff, led by Chiefs, is responsible for aspects related to C-CERT and its primary mission. Officers in this branch utilize a paramilitary style  chain of command structure to effectively manage the organization both on and off-scene.

Fall 2020

Nikhil Krishnani Chief of Operations 


The C-CERT Chief of Operations is the highest ranking command level position. The Chief of Operations has the  authority to manage on scene incidents, lead C-CERT personnel, and develop an incident managment plan with first responders and SBU Professional  Staff. The Chief of Operations is in charge of procurement and logistics as well.

Kiara Kolaczyk First Deputy Chief of Operations –


The 1st Deputy Chief has all the duties of chief, and is primarily responsible for supervising the captains  and  personnel under his/her command as well as directing training for all C-CERT personnel. 

Jimmy Qu Second Deputy Chief of Operations —


The 2nd Deputy Chief has all the duties of chief, and is primarily responsible for supervising  captains and personnel under his/her command as well as overseeing all the personnel records.

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